Master your personal brand look!

By invitation only - Three Months

Did you know that a woman may spend up to 6 months of her working life just deciding what to wear? How much loss does that represent for you?


  • Let's say you earn $75K a year, 6 months is $37,500.00!

  • Missing an opportunity to save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars because you didn't share that system's improvement you’ve created?

  • Loosing the business with the City or an important client because you were distracted by your overpowering suit or your extra casual attire?

  • Perhaps, you become so anxious selecting the right outfit that you are arriving late to meetings looking distressed and with no confidence. How many deals have you lost to your wardrobe?




So here is the deal, to make this relationship a win for both of us, and if you are willing to show me some love in return I will ask you to do it in reviews form:


  1. Shoot a video with your honest testimony of your experience

  2. Write and share your review in the following platform: Google, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn and Lopez De Gull Revamp website

  3. Before and After pictures of some of your outfits for work, weekends and special occasions

  4. To authorize Lopez De Gull INC to use all your videos, pictures and results in advertisements, public speaking and other promotional activities

  5. And to commit to apply all Lopez De Gull Revamp Personal Brand Look strategies, so you can experience a real transformation


This one in a lifetime opportunity won’t be available anywhere else other than through this exclusive invitation, and once the last spot is taken it will be closed forever.


Take advantage and invest in what matters the most: YOU!

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